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A mesmerizing journey inside the mind and life of a victim of dissociative identity disorder (DID). Christine Ducommun eloquently shares her story of her descent into madness, struggling to regain her sanity as four personalities compete for control of her mind and protect her from the demons of her childhood. A story of courage, healing, identity, hope, and love.

Reminiscent of the Academy Award-winning A Beautiful Mind, this true story will have you on the edge of your seat. Spellbinding!—Josh Miller, Producer

Ten years in the making, this very special story shines a bright light on the fragility of the human mind and the durability of the human spirit. We look forward to this book, and the upcoming movie it has inspired.—Bettie Youngs, Publisher

Don Carina by Ron Russell

Southern Italy in the 1930s was chaotic and violent—the rise of dictator Mussolini, the dawn of Europe’s descent into another World War, and continuation of turf battles between Mafia families. This was certainly no place for a young woman to assume power, but seventeen-year-old Carina would have no choice in the matter.

Carina and her story are so monumental that readers will live with her memory for a lifetime. Memorable characters and exciting action fill this epic tale. —Lindy Hudis, Producer, IMPACT Motion Picture


Tired of his disconnected life and uninspiring job, Leon leaves it all behind—job, money, home even his cell phone—and hits the road with nothing but the clothes on his back. His journey from Times Square to the Hollywood sign relying on the kindness of strangers and the serendipity of the open road, inspires a dramatic and life changing transformation.

A gem of a book; endearing, engaging and inspiring. Catharine Hamm, Los Angeles Times Travel Editor


A horrific upbringing and then abduction into the sex slave industry would all but kill Suzzan's spirit to live. But a happy marriage and two children brought unconditional love-and then, forty-two stunning paintings, art so raw that it initially frightened even the artist. "I hid the pieces for 15 years," says Suzzan, "but just as with the secrets in this book, I am slowing sneaking them out, one by one." International acclaim has followed: her art is shown in galleries around the world. A story of resilience, healing and the power of unconditional love.

"If you've yet to define yourself as an activist, this book will remove all self-doubt."—Christine Belleris, Editor

A solid memoir-about a life reconstructed. Chilling, thrilling, and thought provoking." —Pearry Teo, Producer, The Gene Generation

by Charmaine Hammond

The International best-seller that inspired the movie, On Toby's Terms.

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog—like Toby! —Nina Siemaszko, actress, The West Wing

NEW! Toby For Kids

The Count, My Mother and Me
by Jane Congdon

Stunning! —Catherine Watson, Award–winning travel editor

Unfinished business can surface when we least expect it. This is the inspiring story of two parallel journeys: one a carefully planned vacation and the other an astonishing and unexpected detour in healing a wounded heart.—Charles Whitfield, MD, bestselling author of Healing the Child Within

Elegantly written and cleverly told. Electrifying.—Diane Bruno, CISION Media

BLACKBIRD SINGING in the DEAD of NIGHT: What to Do When God Won't Answer? by Gregory L. Hunt

In this most beautiful memoir, Greg Hunt invites us into an unsettling time in his life, exposes the fault lines of his faith, and describes the path he walked into and out of the dark. Thanks to the trail markers he leaves along the way, he makes it easier for us to find our way, too.—Susan M. Heim, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Devotional Stories for Women

Compelling. If you have ever longed to hear God whispering a love song into your life...Gary Chapman, NY Times author, The Love Languages of God

by Aura Imbarus

Aura's courage shows the degree to which we are all willing to live lives centered on freedom, hope, and an authentic sense of self. Truly a love story! Nadia Comaneci, Olympic Champion

A remarkable account erasing a past, but not an identity.—Todd Greenfield, 20th Century Fox Studios

CRASHERS: A Tale of "Cappers" and "Hammers" by Lindy Hudis

The illegal business of fraudulent car accidents is a multi-million dollar racket involving unscrupulous medical providers, personal injury attorneys, and the cooperating passengers involved in the accidents. Newly engaged, Nathan and Shari are blissfully happy, but their joy is tempered by mounting debt. Seduced by an offer from a stranger to move from hard times to good times in no time, they find themselves "victims" in a staged auto accident. They get a payday, but breaking free of this dark underworld will take nothing short of a miracle.

A riveting story of love, life-and limits. A non-stop thrill ride... —Dennis "Danger" Madalone, stunt coordinator for the television series, Castle

THE MAYBELLINE STORY—and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It
by Sharrie Williams

A richly told story of a forty-year, white-hot love triangle that fans the flames of a major worldwide conglomerate. —Neil Shulman, Associate Producer, Doc Hollywood

Engrossing! —New York Post

There are certain stories, so dramatic, so sordid, that they seem positively destined for film; this is one of them. A new, thoroughly engrossing tome. —Style.com

by Tony Volpentest
(Foreword by Ross Perot)

Tony Volpentes is a World Champion sprinter and was honored to carry the Olympic flame at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, but it is not so much the medals he sports that make him admirable; it is the grit and determination that got him there. Though born without hands or feet, he is the fastest runner in the world. He is a four-time Gold Medalist and five-time World Champion sprinter. In the Fastest Man in the World, Tony shares his incredible journey, from the feet that Ross Perot built for him, all the way to his 2012 induction into the Olympic Hall of Fame.

This inspiring story is about the thrill of victory to be sure-winning Olympic Gold-but it is also a reminder about human potential: the ability to push ourselves beyond the ledge of imagination, and to develop grit that fuels indefatigable determination. Simply a powerful, powerful, story.—Charlie Huebner, United States Olympic Committee