ISBN: 978-0-9843081-5-6
ePub: 978-1-936332-06-9
6 x 9, 250 pages,
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Special Features
  • Foreword by Douglas Jurgens, Ph.D.
  • Translations


A powerful and shocking psychological 'drama' that will be reminiscent to some of the Academy Award-winning A Beautiful Mind, this true story will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Spellbinding! — Josh Miller, Producer


A mesmerizing journey inside the mind and life of a victim of dissociative identity disorder (DID). Christine Ducommun eloquently shares the story of her descent into madness, struggling to regain her sanity as five personalities who protected her from child abuse compete for control of her adult mind.

Christine Ducommun was a happily married wife and mother of two, when— after moving back into her childhood home—she began to experience anxiety, panic attacks, and a series of bizarre flashbacks. Eventually diagnosed with DID, Christine’s story details an extraordinary twelve-year ordeal unraveling the buried trauma of her past and the daunting path she must take to heal from it. Therapy helps to identify Christine’s personalities and understand how each helped her cope with her childhood, but their influence on her adult life lead both her and her therapist on a difficult quest for peace and integration.

Fully reawakened and present, the personalities compete for control of Christine’s mind as she bravely struggles to maintain a stable home for her growing children. In the shadows, her life tailspins into unimaginable chaos—bouts of drinking and drug abuse, sexual escapades, theft and fraud—leaving her to believe she may very well be losing the battle for her sanity. Nearing the point of surrender, a breakthrough brings order to her present, and she regains hope for the future. Integration—the victory—has been achieved.

This brave story is one of courage, healing, identity, hope, and love.


A compelling narrative of the struggle to overcome a little known disorder - one we are perhaps all afflicted with at some level. It's right up there with the work of Dr. Cameron West and Robert Oxnam who also suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder and captured their own struggles in earlier tomes — but not as "shockingly" as Christine Ducommum. — Danne King, author, The Maybelline Prince

Anyone who has ever questioned herself—whether for a day, a week or longer—will find herself in this stunning probe into the often secret landscape of the mind. — Lynette Bushman, therapist

Christine shines a bright light not only on her spectacular journey into and out of Dissociative Identity Disorder, but on the fragility of the human mind and the immense durability of the human spirit. We are honored to bring this book to print and look forward to the movie it has inspired. — Bettie Youngs, Publisher

It is with great pleasure that I offer this foreword to a book that describes Christine's long and successful journey. It has been my great pleasure to know and work with her. I hope that her book provides encouragement and strength to others in similar circumstances. Recovery is possible. — Dr. Doug Jurgens

This riveting personal memoir will appeal to those wishing to better understand the power of the human psyche. Part mystery and part survival story, this unforgettable book is ultimately a story of the strength of the mind and spirit from which we can all find encouragement to walk through the fire of our own lives. — Christine Belleris

Christine Ducommun, now retired from a career in the field of fitness, is working on a television movie inspired by her life. Privately and confidentially, she works with others who have themselves experienced childhood trauma.