Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Bettie Youngs Books

To continue our tradition of excellence in publishing, we seek high-caliber authors who produce original material that appeals to our readers. The publishing process at Bettie Youngs Books begins with a book proposal. We require prospective authors to follow our submission guidelines in preparing their proposals.

Book Proposal Guidelines

In order to consider publishing a book, we need a book proposal consisting of the elements outlined below. All submissions are evaluated on the basis of content, author credentials and marketability.


Include information on professional credentials, current occupation, previously published works, or promotional experience you have, and any television or radio appearances you have made.


Supply detailed information on the marketability of your book, including:

  • Target audience
  • Market size, description and demographics
  • How do you intend to promote the book?
  • Book summary and purpose
  • Book’s unique content and characteristic
  • Competing titles and sales figures
  • Specific information not provided by comparable titles

Please send no more or less than the following:

  1. Detailed outline of the book
  2. Table of contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Two sample chapters

Include a cover letter containing your name, address and daytime phone number with your proposal.
Send to: