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  • An Amazon #1 Best Seller
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  • Media magnet Toby is an Internet star and media sensation
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ON TOBY'S TERMS- (Updated and Expanded)

On Toby’s Terms is an endearing story of a beguiling creature who teaches his owners that in spite of their trying to teach him how to be the dog they wanted, it was Toby who laid out the terms of being the dog he needed to be.


When Charmaine and her husband adopted Toby, a five-and-a-half-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever, they figured he might need some adjusting time, but they certainly didn’t count on what he’d do in the meantime. Turns out that Toby was a holy terror, beset by anxiety and destructive behavior that would take a miracle to curb: he routinely opened and emptied the hall closet, turned on water taps, knocked over the water cooler, pulled and ate things from the bookshelves, and spent his days rampaging through the house, knocking down everything in his path, and, sit the sink. Oddest of all was his penchant for locking himself in the bathroom, and then push the lid off the toilet tank.

After a particularly disastrous encounter with the knife-block in the kitchen—and when the couple discovered Toby’s blood and paw prints on the phone—Charmaine decided Toby needed professional help.

Little did she know what they would discover about this dog.

Bestselling author Charmaine Hammond is a former Correctional Officer and Chartered Mediator, and speaks to audience around the world.

Toby is a media magnet who has won numerous awards including the CHIMO's prestigious Reece award, named in honor of a Great Pyrenees dog who died from bone cancer after an outstanding volunteer career. In addition to hundreds of media appearances, serving as guest of honor at grand openings, and his being the sponsor of the Sherwood Park Phoenix Girls Elite Soccer Team, Toby will star as himself in an upcoming movie about his fascinating life.
A media sensation, Toby has his own agent, blog and website, and stampes his book at book signing.

Author Charmaine Hammond and Jack Canfield

This is a captivating, heartwarming story and we are very excited about bringing it to film. —Steve Hudis, Producer, IMPACT Motion Pictures

A touching portrait of a remarkable dog. If you're looking for a feel-good story, this is it. —Jamie Hall, the Edmonton Journal

Simply a beautiful book about life, love and purpose. Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever loved a dog, wanted a dog or wondered what to do with the dog they’ve got.—Maggie Schlegl, Behaviorist, Capable Canines

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog—like Toby! —Nina Siemaszko, actress, The West Wing

Dogs are affected by the energy from our emotions and thoughts. This insight was both luck, and labor, for Toby. —Robin McKay, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner

Toby has been one of my all-time favorite interviews; he is right next to Bob Barker and Gordie Howe! His capacity to spread cheer is truly inspirational!—Mindy Tweedle, producer/host, CTS TV

A meaningful and moving story in which we can all find truth.—Justin Hines, award-winning singer/songwriter

A heartwarming, funny, and self-reflective journey about living with passion and purpose.—Janet Attwood, coauthor, NY Times bestseller The Passion Test

As with people, and as this book shows, providing your dog with a purpose will give you a happy and satisfied pet.—Karin Overgaard, Certified Pet Dog Trainer

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is an amazing story that will wake up the student in you. —Aubrey Winfield, president, Orange Media Group of Companies

5 Stars! Not your everyday dog book. I loved the surprises, the life lessons and the humility that this beautiful book offered. If you have a dog, know a dog or love a dog, you will love this book, too!—Stephanie Staples, author, Your Life Unlimited

Enjoy the relationship learning adventure of both pet and human in this delightful book.—Kaytie Stack, K9 Awareness

Authentically moving!—Shawne Duperon, Producer, six-time Emmy award winner