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The Tony Volpentest Story

Foreword by Ross Perot

Great athletes are always in a race against time, one personal best after another. Then an athlete like Tony comes along and sets the bar higher and yet again higher. This inspiring story is about the thrill of victory to be sure—winning Olympic Gold—but it is also a reminder about human potential: the ability to push ourselves beyond the ledge of imagination, and to develop grit that fuels indefatigable determination. Simply a powerful, powerful, story.—Charlie Huebner, United States Olympic Committee

Tony Volpentest, a four-time Gold Medalist and five-time World Champion sprinter, holds the title as the fastest runner in the world.


Tony Volpentest was born without hands and feet—a condition so rare it does not have a name. Doctors said he would never be able to walk without prosthetics or special accommodations. Tony proved them all wrong when he started walking at fifteen months old, and went on to do everything any other kid could do—ride a bike, play basketball, learn to write.

In high school he took up the least likely sport for someone without feet—track. Through sheer will, determination, and perseverance he went from last place in every race to the pinnacle of his sport—becoming a Paralympic gold medalist and world-record holder—a tour de force who dominated the sprint distances.

Photography by Chris Hamilton Photography

Tony’s incredible story is more than one about sports. It is about the potential of the human spirit to reach places we never thought possible. It is about finding the gifts in life’s inevitable roadblocks.

Tony Volpentest is a four-time Paralympic gold medalist and five-time world champion sprinter. He is a 2012 nominee for the Olympic Hall of Fame and is a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Team USA Ambassador Program. He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards including the United States Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year, Sports Star of the Year, and Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year. He has served as the national spokesman for Shriners Hospitals, and has been featured on radio and TV talk shows around the globe. He has established the Helping Others Live Determined Foundation to help amputees realize their dreams.


Any time you feel like quitting, or fear that your dream is beyond your reach, as Tony Volpentest reminds us in his incredibly inspiring book, the only thing holding you back is yourself. —Dan O’Brien, World and Olympic Champion

What do the names Lou Ferrigno, Joe DiMaggio, Mary Lou Retton, Tony LaRussa, Vince Lombardi, Rocky Marciano, and Mario Andretti have in common? For starters, they are some of the all-time greatest athletes. Tony Volpentest is another name deserving of mention in this list. Years ago, I had the pleasure of presenting Tony with our special achievements award for his dedication and determination to succeed in Paralympic Sports and for his commitment to the advancement of physically challenged athletes. Such is his character and commitment that makes him worthy to stand alongside the all-time greats. Tony’s book will move, inspire, and challenge you to push yourself no matter the odds! —George Randazzo, Chairman and Founder, National Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame

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