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ePub: 978-1-936332-52-6
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Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night:
What to Do When God Won't Answer


When pastor Greg Hunt falls prey to a crisis of faith and calling, he sets out on an experiment in devotion and discovers that the journey is the destination in disguise.

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night ...Take these broken wings and learn to fly."—the Beatles


Dr. Greg Hunt had devoted nearly 30 years to congregational ministry, helping people experience God and find their way in life. Then came his crisis of faith and calling: He turns to God for guidance, but is unable to "find" God. Neither his education—a Ph.D. in theology—nor his religious involvements—senior pastor of a multi staff congregation, civically and denominationally engaged leader—could protect him against the disorienting impact of the experience.

Days turned into months. Months became seasons. Seasons added up to a year, then two. He began to wonder if his faith had been delusional: Was God even real?

In the midst of his struggle, he tries a sometimes desperate experiment of devotion: could he have a personal encounter with God through the redletters of Jesus, as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew?

The outcome is startling, and changes his life entirely.

Greg's story draws readers into potentially life-transforming journeys of their own. Take advantage of the suggestions and questions in the Study Guide to personalize your experience. Study the book with others and deepen your experience even further.


If you've ever felt perplexed by God's silence, then you will find this book utterly fascinating.—George Mason, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

If you have ever longed to hear God whispering a love song into your life, and whatever love language you prefer, you will hear it loudly and clearly in the pages of this compelling and honestly written book. —Gary Chapman, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author, The Five Love Languages and The Love Languages of God

I’m not sure which is more frightening for a clergy person, confronting a crisis of faith or telling the world about it! Greg Hunt does so with a clarity and grace that takes you along on his pathway, draws you into his story, and illumines your own similar struggles. —Bo Prosser, coordinator for Congregational Life, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

In this most beautiful memoir, Greg Hunt invites us into an unsettling time in his life, exposes the fault lines of his faith, and describes the path he walked into and out of the dark. Thanks to the trail markers he leaves along the way, he makes it easier for us to find our way, too.—Susan M. Heim, co­author, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Devotional Stories for Women

Thought-provoking, soul-searching, and honest.—Dr. Allen Walworth, President and Principal of Generis

Sometimes raw, always honest, and ultimately hopeful, Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night speaks to the spiritual longings of the human heart. It's as much about the search for truth as it is finding it.Julie Pennington-Russell, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia


  • Those who are curious about what it’s like for someone steeped in Christianity to wrestle with the foundations of his or her faith.
  • Christians and non-Christians wanting a fresh take on the life and words of Jesus.
  • Readers who have struggled with God’s elusiveness.
  • Those who want to go beyond easy answers without giving up hope that their search for God’s presence and guidance can be satisfied.
  • Pastors and other congregational leaders looking for honest insight from someone who understands their private struggles with faith, calling, and pastoral leadership.
  • Spiritually-oriented study groups looking for a companion resource for their times together.
  • Educators in the fields of religion and spirituality who want both thoughtful and down-to-earth for student reading.


Greg Hunt is a highly-regarded speaker, consultant, and writer. He leverages his wide-ranging work in the worlds of church, community, business, academia, counseling, and relationship education to help people think holistically and purposefully about their lives, relationships, and organizations. In September, 2009, after 30+ years of pastoral ministry, Greg transitioned into full-time work as President of Directions, Inc., a non-profit he and his wife, Priscilla, formed to serve organizations, couples, and individuals and create a more life-friendly world.