Kiss Me: Confessions of a Bare-Footed Lepper

ISBN: 978-1-936332-13-7
ePub: 978-1-936332-14-4
BISAC: LCO080000

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Kiss Me: Confessions of a Bare-Footed Leper

Three unforgettable plays by renown playwright Vlad Zografi

Renown for his plays depicting the socio-cultural context of modern society after the fall of Communism, popular playwright Vlad Zografi invites readers to consider contemporary theatre from multiple and mutually enriching and dramatic perspectives. The brilliance of his plays reflect a liberated and live theatre in which readers are drawn into the sentiments and obsessions of characters as diverse as a nameless and bare-footed leper, Russian Czar Peter the Great on a visit to the court of France, and, a young Oedipus enthralled by Pythia at Delphi.

Vlad Zografi earned his Ph.D. in Atomic Physics from the University of Paris-Sud, Orsay. He made his literary debut in l990 with a story in the prestiges Romania Literara and has been receiving rave reviews since. Considered one of the most popular playwrights of his time, Vlad Zografi's unforgettable plays have been staged around the world. This volume is the first publication of Vlad Zografi’s plays to appear in English.

ABOUT Ileana Alexandra Orlich:
Ileana Alexandra Orlich is professor of English and Comparative Literature and Director of the Romanian Studies Program at Arizona State University. She has a degree in English and American Studies from the University of Bucharest and a doctorate in English and Comparative Literature from Arizona State University. In addition to many translated books, she has published numerous scholarly articles in national and international journals and edited volumes. She is a Fulbright scholar and a recipient of the prestiges National Endowments for the Arts Fellowship Award for literary translation and various European grants for her work in Romanian Studies and comparative literature. In 2010, she was appointed Romania’s Honorary Consul General in Arizona.

This is an exciting book–witty, smart and funny. ––Aura Imbarus, best-selling author of Out of the Transylvania Night and co-founder, Romanian-American Professional Network

I am not an enthusiastic reader of contemporary theatre, but Vlad Zografi's plays are an exception. Like music, they enchant the audience and trigger an anticipatory joy with the reading of each new scene. Zografi is an architect of the theatrical composition, with the heart of a poet who knows how to seduce the reader with the event transposed on the stage. We recognize ihn them our own world and ourselves, and yet their novelty surprises and delights us each time with renewed appreciation.––Ioana Parvulescu, literary critic, Romania Literara