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The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away

Foreword by Craig Kielburger, Co-Founder, FREE THE CHILDREN


The Children’s Wish Foundation approached lovely thirteen-year old Maddison Babineau just after she received her cancer diagnosis. “You can have anything,” they told her, “a Disney cruise? The chance to meet your favorite movie star? A five thousand dollar shopping spree?”

Maddie knew exactly what she wanted. She had recently been moved to tears after watching a television program about the plight of orphaned children in an African village. Maddie’s wish? To ease the suffering of these children half-way across the world. Despite the ravishing cancer, she became an indefatigable fundraiser for “her children.”

In The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away, her mother reveals Maddie’s remarkable journey of providing hope and future to the village children who had filled her heart. A special story, heartwarming and reassuring.

Maddie was recognized, in life and posthumously, with a number of awards, honors, and memorials. A park have been named in her honor and hundreds of schools use the example of Maddie’s charity as to how even one person can make a difference. Tens of thousands of students have been inspired by her story.

This is Maddison’s never-before-told story—a fascinating and inspirational account of a most remarkable journey.


Sharon Babineau is a decorated military soldier, inspirational speaker, author and a popular guest on radio and TV programs. She is is the recipient of numerous awards including the “Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal” and most recently a “Women of Distinction” nominee. Her story has been featured on CBC’s show “No Opportunity Wasted” (Phil Keoghan – Amazing Race) and Oprah Winfrey Network Canada “Life Story Project.”


“Maddie’s story is one of generosity, selflessness, vision and hope. Ultimately, it is a reminder, that doing the right thing still matters, and that we all can make a difference. I had the privilege of forming a friendship with Sharon—and coming to know Maddie’s spirit during the filming of a CBC television series, where Maddie’s vision was ultimately realized. You can’t help but be in­spired by their powerful true story.” —Bruce Kirkby, Globe and Mail travel columnist, host of CBC’s No Opportunity Wasted

“As a Family Court judge I regularly see parents in conflict who are unable or unwilling to put their children’s needs ahead of their own. Maddie’s extraordinary story is a heart wrenching reminder that par­enthood is a precious privilege that should never be taken for granted. Maddie’s life and legacy is a triumph of the human spirit.” —Justice Harvey Brownstone, Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto, author Tug of War

“Maddie Babineau’s story is a must read. I was so touched, I wrote a song, ‘Move and Be Moved’, as a tribute to her extraordinary spirit. We need more people like her in the world!” —Brian Melo, recording artist, singer/songwriter, Canadian Idol winner 2007

“Maddie’s spirit lives on in that school, and in the students who will graduate and do great things for their community and their country. In the long term, thousands more children will live because of what Maddie did before she died at fifteen. I’m frequently asked about the most inspiring people I’ve met, and I’ve always answered that it’s not the politicians, celebrities or business leaders, but the children, like Maddie. You are about to meet the girl who gave her wish away. I know she will change your life, just as she changed mine.” —Craig Kielburger, cofounder Free the Children

“Deep within the heart of this beautiful and courageous child was a wise and benevolent soul. Maddie’s story is spellbinding. They say that in every generation there will be someone who will capture our hearts. Both mother and daughter have captured mine. They are true heroes.” —Patricia Karen Gagic, SCA artist, author Inspired to be Rewired, humanitarian “Project Cambodia”

“I base many of my filming decisions on whether or not a story has that “extra-special” something that I call the “goose bump factor.” This story affected me in just that way, inspiring me to tell part of Maddie’s story in the Aim for the Heart—Kenya, No Opportunity Wasted show, which aired on CBC.” —Morgan Elliott, Emmy-nominated Executive Producer, Suddenly See More Productions, Inc.

“This beautiful and courageous story captures your heart. It inspires you to look within and realize there is so much more to life, and com­pels you to live it with more meaning.” —Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros, cofounders of Coura­geous Living, coauthors UnderMIND

“Wow, what a story!” —Phil Keoghan, Host of Amazing Race