A Memoir
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Company of Stone: A Memoir


With yet unhealed wounds from recent combat in SE Asia, John Moore undertook an unexpected walking tour in the rugged Scottish highlands. With the approach of a season of freezing rainstorms he took shelter in a remote monastery—a chance encounter that would change his future. He did not anticipate the brotherhood's easy hospitality or the surprising variety of personalities and guarded backgrounds that soon emerged through their silent community.

The dangers he encountered among the lost men in that dangerous other world, secretive men who sought permanent anonymity in the perils of work deep underground--a brutal kind of monasticism itself—challenged both his endurance and his sense of humanity.

With sensitivity and delightful good humor, Moore explores the surprising lessons learned in these strangely rich fraternities of forgotten men—a brotherhood housed in crumbling medieval masonry, and one shared in the unforgiving depths of the gold mine.


John grew up in the oil fields of Venezuela. His parents were both from old southern families in Virginia and South Carolina. He spent a great deal of time on weekends sailing and crewing on the big ocean racing yachts. This grew into being invited to crew in the America's Cup a few times, both as tune-up crew and race crew. John attended the University of Virginia and graduated with a BA in Philosophy at a time when the Vietnam draft was in effect. He enlisted in the Army Special Forces, the Green Beret. After two years of intense training he was sent to Vietnam to be involved in a highly secret operation financed and run by the CIA.

He received a Distinguished Service Cross, 2 Silver Stars, 5 Bronze Stars, 3 Purple Hearts, and 4 or 5 other service and conduct medals. These experiences have been masterfully described in John’s Vietnam memoir called “Hostage of Paradox”, published by Bettie Youngs Books.

John has been a member of the U.S.A. Bobsled team and has competed in some 12 or 13 World Cup competitions. He is an accomplished pilot and very knowledgeable antique arms collector. John’s career as an actor has been quite intense and prolific involving him in hundreds of commercials as well as leading roles for TV series such as "One Life to Live" in NYC and “Falcon Crest” here in Hollywood. His intimate relationship with acting and writing has led in turn to on-site filming in the crop circles of England as well as personal interviews with a microbiologist whose work at Area 51 included taking live tissue samples from a living captive ET.


"I loved this book, and highly recommend it to folks who want to read a memoir of what one young man did immediately after his war in Vietnam, and I look forward to the next volume in Moore’s series. His book being Hostages of Paradox, also a great read. John Rixey Moore is totally his own man, but occasionally this work reminded me of Tom Robbins and Carlos Castaneda. Those comparisons are intended as a great compliment."—David Willson, Book Reviewer, American Association of Vietnam Vets

“Bucket list? Bucket list this! This book will leave you torn between the call to adventure that lives at the heart of human nature, and gratitude for the safe embrace of the easy chair that affords the luxury of living vicariously. You will find gold in these pages.” —Clif Potts, actor, China Beach

“This engaging adventure of discovery is full of insight, revelations, and surprises.”—Gary Chafetz, author of The Search for the Lost Army: The National Geographic and Harvard University Expedition