Health & Fitness for Teens
Health and Daily Living / Fitness and Exercise / Body Mind and Spirit
ISBN: 978-1-940784-33-5
ePub: 978-1-940784-32-8
6 x 9, 110 pgs, trade paper, $12.95

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  • Teen Choice Award winner

Health & Fitness for Teens


Health & Fitness for Teens covers a most essential topic for teens: having a healthy body, liking your body and being fit, or as teens say, "looking hot." In the teen years, this is not so easy to achieve: our bodies (and moods) are in a constant state of change. We can feel like we're just getting to know who we are when suddenly we feel totally different. The ups and downs caused by hormonal changes going on can make you and your body feel like you are strangers to each other.

This book covers some very important ground on how to best take care of your body so you look and feel your very best. Learn how to decide what weight is best for you; how to fuel your body and make smart choices when it comes to food, as well as important information on the subject of weight loss and, managing the many ups and downs of emotional upheaval. And yes, the importance of toning and buffing up those muscles—and relaxing them as well.


Jennifer L. Youngs is the author of 6 books and co-author of 12 books, including the best-selling Smart Teens—Smart Choices series. Her books are published in 11 languages.


“This book showed me that I didn’t have to feel bad about myself when someone drops me as their friend. I’ve learned that when you believe in yourself, you feel strong. I love that idea. Trusting myself and believing in me makes me a beautiful person to be around!”. —Mya Adams, 15

“Traversing adolescence can be tricky, especially as it pertains to having confidence in one’s appearance. This wonderful guide written for young people shows them how to attain a positive sense of self and to care for themselves. Very informative, practical and easy to digest.” —Miriam Lodell, Michigan high-school educator