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Business Ethics; BUS069030:
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  • USA Best Book Award Finalist

A PRIMAL WISDOM (Second Edition):
Nature’s Unification of Cooperation and Competition . . .


This brilliant and thought-provoking book ties up a lot of loose ends and connects the dots on current thought about life, politics and economics. It lights up why we do what we do and explains how nature relates to the cooperative and com­petitive traits of humankind—to the order and chaos of the universe. It gives us a dynamic equation for synthesizing cooperative-order with competitive-chaos. It teaches the universal law of co-opetition. It shows us very simply how we can vastly improve our lives, our systems, our politics, our economies, and our rela­tionships at home and between the peoples of the world. And, it shows how we can do this, yet keep our good faith-rational principles and keep our freedom or build greater freedom.


V. Frank Asaro, JD is a lawyer, musician/ composer, inventor and theorist. He began developing the theory of co-opetition not long after he was selected out of law school as lawyer-clerk to the California Courts of Appeal. He went on to receive the highest-category law career peer review, Preeminent, Martindale Hubbell rating, and appeared in Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in the World. Engaged in litigation most of his career, he honed skills proving or disproving facts and stories – a handy talent for a novelist and a theorist. Moreover, as a patent holder, he shows a creative knack. This he calls upon in weaving the most exciting tale of The Tortoise Shell Game, a fiction work in Admiralty – one of his fields. In those early days when he was an Appellate court law clerk, his creativity became a major component in developing the theory of the products liability holding of Greenman v Yuba Power Products - further expanded by the California Supreme court. A major part of the Greenman opinion is now the law in the English speaking and European Union countries of the world.


“As this brilliant book shows, The Law of Co-opetition allows the Free Magic of nature to light our way and simplify complex systems.” —Ted Gildred, former US Ambassador to Argentina

“Your extraordinary book has given me valuable insights…and I expect readers will agree.” —Spencer Johnson, M.D., co-author of the One Minute Manager and author of Who Moved My Cheese?