Surgical Alternatives to Heathy Skin, Anti-Aging and Scar Revision: Updated and Revised

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MEDICAL / Dermatology
SKIN HEALTH: Treatments, Care & Healing
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Founder of DMK TransGenesis International and Ambassador for Leadership in Human Rights with the Harvey Milk Foundation


A Skin-Health Pioneer discusses his 50 years of research in developing surgical alternatives to anti-aging, scar revision and the "facts and fiction" of stem-cells and skin care products, and skin care health.

  • Aging: How You Can Look and Feel Better, Longer
  • The FDA’s Hysteria and the Kitchen Chemist
  • Peels, Enzymes and Electromagnetic Waves
  • Acne: Causes and Treatments
  • Skin Tone is a Matter of Melanin
  • Hyperpigmentation: Causes and Treatments
  • INSIDE OUT: Wholistic vs Holistic Living
  • Scar Tissue, Revision and Treatments
  • The Glycation Rage: Why Sugar Makes Us Look Older
  • The 4 Powerful Healing Vitamins
  • Cells Within Cells: Injectable Fillers and Threads
  • Tight for a Night: Enzyme and Oxygen Therapy
  • Body Treatments: Treating Cellulite and Loose Skin
  • The Truth about Glycolic Acid
  • The Enzymatic Body: Enzyme and Skin Treatments
  • The “PC Skin Disorder:” Electromagnetic Waves and Skin
  • Inside Out: Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle Monitoring
  • Techniques, Trends and Breakthroughs in Skin Care
  • Stem Cell Therapy: Myth or Medical Breakthroughs?


Danné Montague-King is a name synonymous with world-class skin revision and products available in over twenty countries. He is also the creator of several "firsts" that globally have helped others have a better quality of life. These include BIOFREEZETM, DMK Foundations of Skin, DMK Skin Revision, and DEEP FREEZE. Inspired to self-treat his own severe bouts of acne, Skin Health Pioneer Danné Montague-King was the first scientist in his field to recognize the power of enzymes in skin treatment. He is the creator of BIOFREEZE™; DMK Foundations of Skin; DMK Skin Revision; and DEEP FREEZE. Danne is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Global Human Rights Ambassador Award by the Harvey Milk Foundation.

Danné is the author of, "The Maybeline Prince," a memoir about his life and times as a business partner with Evelyn F. Williams, sister-in-law of Tom Lyle Williams, Founder, of the iconic Maybelline company, is published by Bettie Youngs Book Publishers, Inc. ( and is available world-wide. DMK Skin Care companies are located around the world.


A Skin-Health Pioneer in surgical alternatives to anti-aging and scar revision discusses his 50 years of research in developing surgical alternatives to anti-aging, scar revision and the “facts and fiction” of skin care products, and skin care health.  A most excellent tell-all.—M. Lydia Holmes, M.D.