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Founder of DMK TransGenesis International and Ambassador for Leadership in Human Rights with the Harvey Milk Foundation


Pioneer . . . Activist . . . Legend

The 1970s were known for free love and experimentation of all kinds. Few cared if you were gay, straight, bisexual or transgender. It was the era of “sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll.” In the midst of all this appeared a woman who had turned the head of Al Capone, married into the famous Maybelline company, and possessed more than enough beauty, magnetism and allure to make men do most anything.

When Evelyn F. Williams and her enigmatic young male companion arrived in Hot Springs, Arkansas, they took over the famous town in a whirlwind of lights, rock ‘n’ roll, cameras, beautiful people and a grand lifestyle. They created a media frenzy wherever they went and changed people’s lives for the better—until jealousy and resentment led to stories of orgies, twisted sex, drugs, Mafia hits…and the mystery of the Maybelline Queen’s fiery death, which some still call an unsolved murder.

This is the uncut version of that high-living time written by the young man who lived it with Evelyn—the man who was supposed to “never be heard from again”—Danné Montague-King, a.k.a., “The Maybelline Prince”—who went on to found a skincare dynasty of his own. Hobnobbing with decadent bluebloods, politicians, movie stars and social activists, Danné amassed a large and loyal following the world over.


Danné Montague-King is a name synonymous with world-class skin revision and products available in over twenty countries. He is also the creator of several “firsts” that have helped humans and animals globally have a better quality of life. These include BIOFREEZE™, DMK Foundations of Skin, DMK Skin Revision, and DEEP FREEZE. Danné has been a much-published journalist for the medical and aesthetic fields for over 40 years. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Global Human Rights Ambassador Award by the Harvey Milk Foundation.


“Danné King is one of the most dashing, dramatic and accomplished gentlemen I have met in my career as a Hollywood Reporter! You will become fascinated with this man of a thousand faces, and love them all! An exciting tale of love, desire, envy and intrigue. —Marci Weiner, Entertainment Reporter & Columnist

“Glorious writing! An exciting book told with tongue-in-cheek humor and filled with history of a most amazing life and times!” —Melissa McCarty, Host, Larry King’s ORA TV, author of News Girls Don’t Cry

“This is an exciting, outrageous read—you will like it!” —Grace Robbins, author of Cinderella and The Carpetbagger

“In this breathtakingly honest biography, Danné Montague-King not only lets us in on all the gossip of an extraordinary life well-lived, but also into his soul. It is a roller-coaster ride of emotions, from the hysterically funny to the heart-wrenching—all told by a man with a razor sharp observation and a deep compassion for humanity.” —Frank Howsen, Award-winning Director, Writer & Lyricist

“LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: the modeling gigs, the rock bands, the bodyguards, the fast cars, I was there! Who would not feel like a star, we were the beautiful people, and the spotlight never dimmed. Anyone who passed through 212 Brown Drive left a different person. Danné is a dream maker. Anyone who is fortunate enough to meet Danné would never be the same; it is all a life changing experience! He changed Evelyn’s life as well, and ‘Miss Maybelline’ was never happier!”—Robert Shannon, Artist, San Miguel, Mexico

“Danné… the king of skin care is now an author. This book (by a man who was and still is a fulfiller of dreams) tells it like it is and pulls no punches. I was taken aback by a lot of it. The twists and turns and the suspense is mind stimulating. I can promise you that this book will not put you to sleep. I give it a thumbs up. Buy it, read it and love it as much as we all do.”—Ron Russell, Television Talk Show Host/Actor

“What an amazing book. The Maybelline Prince reads like a juicy novel but is in fact a story of a skin-care giant who has lived a most extra-ordinary life! After spending transformative years with the ‘real’ Ms. Maybelline of the Maybelline Co. Dynasty, Danné went on to create a world-wide skin care company of his own! And more! From his incredible journey of a May-December relationship that transcends sex yet bound a man and woman together in a lifestyle that influenced and helped so many young people struggling for identity in the 1970s, he has become a worldwide activist in the Harvey Milk Foundation today! His motto everyone deserves the right to be who and what they are—as long as it is with dignity, style and a passion to enrich the lives of everybody around them, is alive and well today. An emotional real-life read.” —Sheena Metal, Talk LA Radio Host